Mapping is used to:

1) Configure local inputs and outputs of the Controller using Boolean or non-Boolean statements.

2) Map parameters, setpoints, or commands between the local controller and any of the supported communication networks, such as Ethernet/IP or DeviceNet.

Any number of Sources can be mapped to one Destination using the Boolean Statements in the Advanced Mapping Screen.


a) Select One Destination from the pull down lists in the Local, Network, or Control fields. Once selected, the Destination will automatically fill in on the left-hand side of the equation in the mapping field.

b) Select one Source in the same manner as in step a. The source can reside in the local controller as a parameter, as a point on one of the network tables, or as a parameter on another 4000 Controller on the Ethernet network. Once selected, the source will automatically fill in on the right-side of the equation in the mapping field.

c) If more than one source is desired, select one of the Boolean Operators (And, Or, Not), and then repeat step b to select the next source.

d) To initiate the displayed mapping equation, select the 'Map' key.

e) To Unmap - or remove a mapping equation - only the destination needs to be selected and the Unmap key pressed.