Map Dictionary:
CMD0 - Specifies input and output locations for the command interface

   e.g. CMD0=ESI25*ESO20
   Unit will look for commands starting at EtherNet/IP input word 25 and send acknowlegement to output word 20
   Please distinguish between digit zero "0", and upper-case letter "O".

DFI - DeviceNet Input, regarded as floats
DFO - DeviceNet Output, regarded as floats
DSI - DeviceNet Input, regarded as 16 bit integers
DSO - DeviceNet Output, regarded as 16 bit integers
DII,DIO - DeviceNet Input,Output, regarded as 32 bit integers
DI,DO - DeviceNet boolean input and output
EFI,EFO,ESI,ESO,EII,EIO,EI,EO - Ethernet I/P, similar to DeviceNet
RFI,RFO,RSI,RSO,RII,RIO,RI,RO - RIO. Words 0-63 for block transfer, Words 64-71 for discrete transfer
CFI,CFO,CSI,CSO,CII,CIO,CI,CO - ControlNet - Note: first 2 words of ControlNet output are not available

HSI - Hardy Short Input Table. This table allows the things in HI to be mapped as 16-bit words.
HSO - Hardy Short Output table. This table allows the things in HO to be mapped as 16-bit words. JSO Hardy Short Integer Parameters HFO Hardy Float Parameters HFI Hardy Float Parameters (read only) IFO Rate parameters WII